26 Mai 2011

Following the resounding success of the event "Excelez" ("I excel"), when the room proved to be too small, CODECS decided to organize a new session of the workshop "Managing personal projects” on Thursday, May 26, from 6:30 p.m., at the CODECS HQ, no. 37-39.

The workshop is moderated by Bogdan Bondor-Negraru, PhDc, MBA, MSc, and the Director of the Project Management and Business Operations programs offered by CODECS. He proposes to use project management methods and tools to improve personal performance.

Together with Bogdan, the participants will discover the steps which they should take in translating their personal wishes into action plans. They will complete a "goal form" and will receive suggestions on how to set their personal objectives.

The workshop will be held on Thursday, May 26, from 6:30 p.m. at the CODECS HQ, no 37-39 Agricultori str., Sector 2, Bucharest.

Participation is free of charge.

Confirmation by phone at 021.2525182/83/84 or e-mail at
Come and join us!