MZT865 Project Management is presented in cooperation with The Open University – UK.

The course is acknowledged as offering a valid Project Manager training by the Romanian Project Management Association (APMR), affiliated to the International Project Management Association (IPMA) based in Switzerland.

Who is the course addressing to?

• To those that already activate in the Project Management field, either in a national or international company, in the state or private sectors, and want to improve their knowledge level;
• To those that, faced with future projects, want to acquire the necessary competencies in that regard, and higher professional careers;
• To those that want to change their career with a multi-valent and in high demand one.
• To those that are currently in the professional formation stage (students, master students etc) and wish to obtain the advantage of valuable competencies and skills – Project Manager - since the beginning.

What will you obtain?

• an extremely modern course base – 2008 edition, intellectual property of The Open University, UK – composed of the manuals and the optional application software Microsoft Project 2007 (academic license usable only for noncommercial purposes).
• a practical support for the Romanian project manager, that will contain a glossary of terms, the current legislation regarding projects (according to the Romanian and international models), and practical case studies.
• you will obtain, after graduation, a series of skills that will allow you to immediately start working in this field, including project definition and establishing the requirements, creation of various project plans, feasibility studies, choosing the final project variant, organizing the project, activities programming and planning, team leadership, the development and control of the project roll-out, finishing the project.
• at the end of the course, by passing the exam, you will obtain a certified diploma; the training is acknowledged by the Romanian Project Management Association (APMR) as being a necessary course to accede to the Project management certification.

Necessary knowledge

MZT865 may be considered a self-sufficient course and does not require other special requisites. It is necessary, however, to possess a practical experience in project work, however project management experience is not mandatory. Throughout the duration of this course you will have to apply the concepts of the course in a project you’re familiarized with. You will also have to prove that you are capable of creating written reports.


• Acquiring the necessary knowledge and techniques for project management, including projects with a technological component;
• Acquiring a practical experience in utilizing project management techniques by using software tools during a real project you chose.

Training material

1. Course guide;
2. Six study volumes (corresponding to seven work units);
3. Software for Project Management (Microsoft Project); (optional)
4. The book “The Project Manager”, by Richard Newton;
5. Term glossier;
6. Exam specimen, together with hints on how to approach the subjects;
7. Reference materials (case studies, articles).

Computer access

Minimum requirements: a PC Pentium 200 (or another compatible PC), Microsoft Windows 95 or a newer version. A minimum of 32 Mb RAM is recommended. The PC needs at least 500 Mb of free hard-disk space and access to a printer.