20 years of excellence in management education

23 Mai 2013

CODECS SA The company was founded in 1993 by first 25 romanian students graduates of the MBA program (Master of Business Administration) of the Open University Business School - UK. From then until now, CODECS remained in Romania, the exclusive partner of the Open University Business School - UK.

CODECS is a leading company in the management development market, with a tradition of over 20 years in delivering training and development programmes for adults.In close partnership with The Open University Business School - UK, Europe's leading
business school, CODECS provides MBA and management development programmes to more than 18.000 people from the whole country.

The first classes were held in English, with support of english tutors who brought in Romania managerial training program based not only on the acquiring knowledge, but also on developing managerial skills during the study program with immediate practical application.

After she formed an romanian tutors team, certified by the Open University Business School, according to the standards of excellence academic CODECS receives from the British partner a proof of high trust and appreciation: permission to present the first two stages of the MBA program in romanian language, with OUBS certification, proving the flexibility and adaptation to the market training in Romania.

CODECS graduates now occupy senior managerial positions in major companies in Romania:
  • 5.200 managers were awarded the Professional Certificate in Management
  • 2.400 managers were awarded the Professional Diploma in Management
  • 363 managers became MBAs
  • over 9.000 managers specialized in Project Management
Facts & Figures
1993 - CODECS (Centre for Open Distance Education for a Civil Society) is founded by the first 25 Romanian students of The Open University. Its main role was to promote, implement and develop the open distance learning in Romania
1995 - Open University and CODECS sign the Master Agreement whereby CODECS becomes the exclusive partner of The Open University in Romania
1996 - CODECS establishes its national network of 10 Regional Centres
1997 - Open Print, established as the printing house
1998 - CODECS Publishing House, specialized in publishing business books
1998 - The Training and Consultancy Division is established
1998 - CODECS Business Travel offers integrated service packages for business trips
2000 - CODECS introduces the Project Management programme in Romania
2001 - The CODECS Foundation for Leadership starts the preparation for its first project “The 3rd Millennium Leaders”, as an educational program in leadership, addressed to Romanian high school students.
2002 - The official opening of CODECS Club – an alumni club for Professional Diploma in Management and MBA graduates. Special guest: Mr. Alain Cardon, Director of Metasysteme, an international consultancy, and the former CEO of Transformation S.A.
2003 - CODECS group has a new member: Career Solutions International, representing the American corporation DBM in Romania
2007 - CODECS launches a new product: HR Vocational School, the first school in Romania specialized in Human Resources and certified by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) UK
2007 – The Training and Consultancy Division brings a new element in the Romanian training market: the integrated development of organizations - 360 Solutions (US licensed)
2007 – CODECS receives the ISO 9001:2000 certification
2007 – CODECS becomes an “Investor in People”, being one of the first Romanian companies awarded this certification, for our ability to implement this international standard
2008 - CODECS introduces “Business Operations”, a modern course provided in the “open learning” system, addressed to managers and entrepreneurs interested in improving their operational effectiveness in production, services, acquisition and logistics
2009 - The year of the highest number of Diploma and MBA graduates
2010 - Tender Group became the majority shareholder by buying 51% of CODECS shares
2011 - CODECS signed an exclusive partnership with 360Solutions, one of the leading training providers in the world.
2011- CODECS held in October 12th Leadership 2011 conference dedicated to leadership in business, where over 100 participants from business, civil society and academia participated in the debate. Guest-speaker was Itay Talgam, Maestro Program Coordinator and TED speaker in 2009.
2011- CODECS launches Supply Chain, a modern course, offered in system "open learning" intended for persons who holding a logistics manager, and also those who aspire to such a managerial position.
2012- Prospectiuni and CODECS opened a Professional Development Centre dedicated to geologists and geophysicists young people.
2013- CODECS signed a strategic partnership with Apimedica Training Ltd, for representation and promotion in the Central Region (counties: Mures, Cluj, Sibiu, Alba, Bistrita and Harghita).

Strategic Partenership

After 20 years of excellence in management education, CODECS SA, the oldest business school in Romania, is redefining the company's development strategy, signing a strategic partnership with the company Apimedica Training Tirgu-Mures, to represent the CODECS company in the Central Region. By signing this agreement, CODECS comes closer to managers, businessmen and potential students from Mures, Sibiu, Alba, Cluj, Bistrita and Harghita, now having permanent representation in the territory.

CODECS’s partner, Apimedica Training Company was founded in 2012 in Tirgu-Mures and brings together a CODECS team (tutors and consultants) which took the initiative and desire to continue working with CODECS in order to increase the flexibility and adaptability to realities and particularities of vocational training market in the Central Region.

Entire CODECS programs offer will be available to all who want personal and professional development or through partners CODECS - Apimedica Training Srl.