August 2013 Book from CODECS Publishing House

12 August 2013

Merlin factor

Author: Charles E. Smith

Price: 29 RON
Special Price: 17 RON
Save: 12 RON (40%)

The corporate world is not usually populated with characters named Merlin and Arthur. Who are they and where they come from? You will learn from the legend’s thread of Merlin Factor book.

Merlin Factor is not an easy book, is an intellectual adventure after which you will discover many profound ideas and ways to improve for you and your organization. The challenge comes from the character of the book metaphor: the author expresses his observations through complex myths and symbols. Because of this, you need to read the book from two perspectives: one cultural and one management.

The book sets out the principles on cultural change management in an organization. Arthurian myths bring out the simple and useful attitudes and practices that work today as well as in legends. The aim of the book is to draw attention about what is missing from an organization, from her management.

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