01 Martie 2012

According to the data provided by the Market Research Division of the Romanian-German company RENTROP & STRATON in the survey "An evaluation of market demand in corporate training", a majority of the interviewed managers pointed to CODECS as the professional development provider they used for their managerial training. The percentage of people who used the training services provided by CODECS is twice that of the company ranked as second. Also, more than 80% of the managers participating in this survey declared that they are "satisfied" and "very satisfied" with the services provided by the training company they used.

The RENTROP & STRATON survey evaluated the characteristics of the SMEs' demand for professional development programs, and their experience and expectation in collaborating with the providers of training services. The research was conducted from Oct. 17 to Nov. 10, 2011, on a sample of 1,029 respondents – people involved in the management of small and medium companies in Romania.

According to this survey, CODECS is the first professional development company which would be used by managers who have not attended yet such specialized programs. Of the managers who did not attend professional training programs, 22.9% percent pointed to CODECS as the company they'd heard about and whose services they would use.

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