CODECS announced last month of enrollment in the Professional Certificate in Management program, whose courses will begin in May.

09 Aprilie 2013

CODECS announced the last month of enrollment in the Professional Certificate in Management program, whose courses will begin in May.

Designed as an accessible and professional way to a career in management, the program provides basic knowledge on functional aspects of management and develop at the same time absolutely necessary skills managers. It is addressed to those who want to consolidate their knowledge and skills in management and to improve their career prospects.

The Professional Certificate Program consists in three modules reflecting key aspects of business management: "Management Organisations and People", "Management - Marketing and Finance" and "Management - The integration challenge". Is a twelve months course. Distinctive feature of the program is the strong orientation to the practical and placement in real business manager. Applying of those studied in making decisions and solving specific problems, and use of managerial tools make it possible to check the international practice and increase individual performance.

The learning process is based on the "open learning" (built around the idea of responsibility of the student) as assistant tutors (guidance and support throughout the study), focusing on elements of coaching and mentoring, the interactivity and the sharing of experience with other colleagues.The program is organized so that students do not have to interrupt their professional activities. Tutors are practitioners with relevant experience in the field in which they teach, students can share their own successes and failures of professional life. Located in the center of the learning process, the student, in turn, comes with its own professional experiences. The fact that the tutorials and written work debating issues at work place and looking for solutions through the application of reference models and instruments in international practice is that participation in the program to be a "journey" experiential. Are there major issues related to ethics and social responsibility, sustainability and climate change in all courses of the program.

What differentiates this program from those that exist today in Romania is based on the evaluation system on management solving real problems. It test not memory capacity, but independent thinking, the ability to analyze critically and how participants have formed integrated perspective on management and if they become more flexible and creative.

The Professional Certificate in Management courses are certified by CODECS and are based on Open University Business School materials and teaching methodology.

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