CODECS organizes on 15-16 June the Emotional Intelligence course

10 Mai 2013

CODECS organizes in Bucharest on 15-16 June 2013 the Emotional Intelligence training program, giving students the opportunity to acquire a set of principles, based on self-understanding, self-trust and self-efficiency, as well as approaching change as the foundation of self-transformation and organizational transformation.

The course comes in participants support with a set of principles that will change both one’s vision on one’s life and one’s work performance. Also, another objective of the course is gaining more self-understanding, self-trust, self-efficiency and the capability of approaching challenges and opportunities in professional activity.

After training completion the students will master the following principles: integrity model, exerting responsibility, controlling key moments, clarifying the vision, defining the goal, integrity acting.

The duration of the program is 2 consecutive days at CODECS headquarter from Agricultori Street, 37-39 No, Sector 2, Bucharest. One day of training contains 6 hours of actual work, arranged in 4 1½ hour sessions. For more information about Emotional Intelligence training program can access the curriculum at:, and for the 2013 open course calendar access: http:/

For registration and questions about CODECS Training Solutions programs a consultant is available by phone and email, We are waiting on or our LinkedIn group, CODECS Network.