05 Septembrie 2012

CODECS, a company with the most extensive tradition in business education in our country, launches the program „CODECS saves your BAC”.

The program has two specialty areas - Assistant Manager and Assistant Project Manager – and takes three months.
The program structure combines classical teaching with open-learning individual study. Each specialty area consists of:

• 3 course modules, including two 3-hour tutorials per module (held on Saturdays);
• 2 assignments
• a final examination, optional for the CNFPA certification (the National Council for Adult Professional Development).

The program is addressed to all former high-school students, including those who did not pass the Baccalaureate. The program is focused on developing skills and competences in organizing, planning, coordination, monitoring, communication, motivation, basic change management, as well as understanding organizational structures and how they influence the work of an assistant manager. Upon the successful completion of the program, participants will master knowledge, techniques and tools for a better performance in their workplace.

"It is our belief that the best investment we can make is investing in the education and development of our young generation. In offering the program "CODECS can save your BAC", our wish is to support the young people, to come up with answers to some of their problems and to demonstrate that education has the best chance to offer them a consistent advantage, especially in the current competitive labor market," says Radu Dan Mihaescu, Chairman and CEO of CODECS.

For registration and information on CODECS programs, visit or contact a CODECS consultant by phone at Join us at or our LinkedIn group, CODECS Network.