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27 Noiembrie 2013

Managementul vanzarilor si al clientilor cheie
Autor: Jim Blythe

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The sale was often considered a marketing Cinderella associated with handling techniques and questionable morality. In fact, professionals who enjoy success in sales are well aware that such practices can only be counterproductive. Best professionals helps clients finding the solutions to their problems, showing the ingenious and creative ways. The book "Managing sales and key customers " aims to explain how to do marketing and sales of some modern humans. The book presents the general aspects of the sale of personal selling to major customer contact management ("Key Account Management"), dealing with sales processes of the organization ("business -to -business") and the sale consumer products. The large number of examples and case studies support theoretical and conceptual chapters of the sale, the sales force motivation and control. Also, are treated and growing areas of sales management: managing large customer contacts, customer relationship management, telesales and legal aspects of sales activity. Jim Blythe is a associate marketing professor at the University of Glamorgan holder in the UK. He worked as a salesperson and sales manager, eventually reaching company director before engaging in 1991, Glamorgan Economic College teacher. Since then, his academic career was characterized by a prolific publishing activity: is the author of eight books and over twenty scientific papers in academic world. His areas of interest are: marketing through trade fairs and exhibitions (subject for which it is best known, sales management in particular not comfortable relationship between sales and marketing) and marketing innovation. Jim Blythe is a member of the Academy of Marketing in the UK and American Academy of Marketing Science, often holding lectures at conferences and seminars . He published numerous articles and educational works in specialist periodicals.

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