12 Ianuarie 2013

CODECS announces the start of registrations for the next presentations of the following courses: Project Management, Business Operations and Supply Chain Innovation, Strategy and Management, offered in partnership with the Open University UK.

Registrations are open from 10 December 2012 till 11 March 2013 for the 6-month courses starting on 23 March 2013.

The students who will register for one of these courses before 10 January 2013 will receive a 10% discount on the total tuition fee for the course; students who will register no later than 10 February 2013 will receive a 5% discount. Discounts for early registration are only applied to full payments.

The Project Management program includes six course volumes covering subject areas such as project initiation, project risk, estimates and contracts, planning, creating and leading a project team, project execution, configuration management, standards, methodologies and reflections on projects.

The Business Operations course deals with essential components of an organization, such as the set of processes needed to transform various resources of the organizations (material, financial and/or human) into results (products or services) that generate added value for customers and other stakeholders.

The Supply Chain Innovation, Strategy and Management course presents various types of supply systems and their management and efficiency; how to expand the supply chain management to the whole life cycle of the product supply; what are the main benefits of such an approach, etc.

For more info on CODECS program, visit www.codecs.ro/preinscriere or contact a CODECS consultant by phone at or by email at sales@codecs.ro. Come and join us at www.facebook.com/CODECSNetwork or visit our LinkedIn group, CODECS Network.