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06 Ianuarie 2014

Sapte secrete ale liderilor inspirati
Author : Phil Douardo Dr. Phil Blackburn

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What is an "inspiring leader"? Inspiration is something contagious. Temperature can increase his organization. Leaders inspire vibrate And their organizations resonate with them. There's a palpable thing. We all know one or two organizations that seem to humming, turned strongly toward a goal . Once trapped in their field of interest, they immediately feel the high energy level, we feel the focus, commitment and trust . We see the faces and gestures of the people, we hear their voices. It inspired bustle created by organizations that refuse to undergo. Inspiration flows up and down through their communication channels. Pulsing along wire telephone connections throb through the internet. Caught lightning in a bottle. Only they're not really that many organizations inspired, right? If you look at what people are able to do, and then see how much mediocrity bring with them some organizations, it is clear that things are not right. Why? The reason is, we believe, bad leadership. The '90s were busy by management .

After 2000, leadership became the most important. However, almost all the leaders that I see around are insipid, selfish and pursue their own interests ... A common leadership can not bring extraordinary results you need in high level competition. For a common leadership and restricts them I block people. So came during an unusual leadership. It's time to learn what inspired leadership ...

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