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01 Iulie 2013

Pledoarie pentru checklist
Author: Atul Gawande

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In the activities of extreme complexity (medicine, aviation, politics, law, capital investment and other), finding the solutions to problems may depend on decisively on a common "checklist" - a well composed list, including things that should be done without blemish, step by step, one after another, and required reflection moments or communication in a team. No matter how plane expert pilots are they not leaving until the race run all they say "checklist". Errors in our work are of two types - the ones we do not know enough and other that caused by the fact that we don’t properly use what we know. Great failures - hard to forgive - especially resulting from the second category of mistakes. There are lot of examples in medicine, construction, aviation, and other.

No matter how proficient in their jobs we are, people risk losing sight of something. Atul Gawande shows that if he wants to avoid stupid mistakes, inexcusable, any expert needs a list - a literally list! - with written instructions that lead him step over complex procedures. Starting from the medical field, he and his team demonstrate that the idea of "checklist" can be applied with great success all over the world and in every field. His idea was materialized with the first World Health Organization initiative on increasing safety in surgery.

Atul Gawande led a OMS project team, starting from the study of the mechanisms of checklist used successfully for years in aviation and, more recently, even in medicine. Then he found out that typical methods of managing construction projects contain largely checklists - and draw the useful conclusions for his own project. Once created, tested and evaluated the OMS list for safety in surgery (now adopted by more and more health systems worldwide, including highly advanced countries), Gawande complete their work with a wider perspective, showing how it could be usefully applied in such a method investment activity of companies!

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