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03 Iunie 2013

Dictionar de coaching comentat
Author: Alain Cardon

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Coaching is a very new profession and has probably one of the biggest global growth. Those who aspire to become a coach have to practice communication tools into a original professional relationships and accurately - in an academic context, but rather on the proper ground or in environments centered on practice and exercise.

Profession of coach is not requiring a special terminology, but is based on familiar words in current language. "Dictionar de coaching comentat" can not be exhaustive, but by every definition, the reader tries to propose, first of all, a reflection on the context of the language of coaching. The meaning of each word can not be fully understood only with the whole of which it is part. Alain Cardon is a consultant and certified Master Coach by the International Coach Federation. He is specialized in coaching team and guidance of international organizations, multicultural and in transition. Currently, he is coaching coordinator Metasysteme network. Teaching for individual coaching and team coaching and provides communication and management consulting (www.metasysteme-coaching.ro).

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