Necessary Dialogues - Mentors that we deserve, with Oana Pellea

30 Aprilie 2013

"Yes, there are great people on this earth. And when you know them, you realize that the air around them has a different density. On the Ciulei or Peter Brook's shoulders the air sits down differently. And when they are on moving the air splits, feeling that is moving from their presence. "

Oana Pellea, Journal

The CARIERE Magazine invites you to an honest and revealing dialogue with Oana Pellea about mentors in our lives during "The Necessarry Dialogues - Mentors that we deserve" which will take place on May 23, 2013, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bucharest.

We will found out:

• How to recognize a true model, where we are looking for and how to overcome temptation of a false copy patterns?
• How do we prepare ourselves to be a model for others?
• How many of us identify a mentor in our leader?
• Are we a society that has forgotten the concept of mentoring?

The event addresses to all those who appreciate the presence of a mentor in their lives but also those who want to find their mentor or become, in turn, mentors.

Registrations are made at mail.

You are welcome!