November 2013 Book from CODECS Publishing House

29 Octombrie 2013

Intelligent Sale
Author: Tony Buzan, Richard Israel

Price: 29 RON
Special Price: 18 RON
Save: 11 RON (40%)

"Intelligence Sale" starts from the premise that any sale is nothing more than a trade between two brains - an act of communication between brain seller and the buyer.  Lately many new information emerged on sales analysis and sales techniques, and the book 's main objective is to make this knowledge easily understood and mastered. That included 94 excercitii for acquiring abilities or skills for sale. Each exercise is so made ​​that it could continue and expand it in the face of trends accounting for a full program of self- improvement.

  • New tools for sale
  • Matrix commercial thinking
  • Cognitive brain
  • Infoschimbul
  • mental maps
  • memory commercial
  • Compass sale

These concepts aim to develop brain power and ability to sell.

To order the book please visit the following link: Intelligence Sale