01 Septembrie 2011

Open University of UK, represented by CODECS in Romania, is about to set a world record with its 20 million downloads through iTunes.

In recent years, universities around the world distributed materials to students through the iTunes U platform, dedicated to educational areas. "The way people wish to learn is changing", said Martin Dean, Open University Chancellor. “Many students constantly look for a content which interest them and which they are able to read, see or listen to whenever they have the time” said he.

Open University started to use Apple iTunes U services in June 2008, with 20 million downloads since then. These are a series of elements that complete the course with various materials such as video audio and clips video, and tutorials. These are available both to students, and the general public.

Open University currently has 525 courses available on the Internet. In any interval during the 24 hours, 45,000 OU students on average access the online courses.

Open University Programs are offered in Romania by CODECS – lead company in management education, with a tradition of 17 year in providing professional and personal development programs to adults.