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02 Septembrie 2013

Coaching and leadership in process of transition

Author: Alain Cardon

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The transition is almost universal. In any case, it is broken down into several phases or predictable and identifiable relatively distinct stages. The transition process therefore deserves to be studied and even mapped and marked out in order to:
  • to allow everyone to go through step by step;
  • to teach leaders to provide these steps to lead as well;
  • to train tutors and consultants able to give the best possible advice.

"Faced with so many changes, we both act and react according to our vision and pragmatism, and often stand deconstructed effects of different phases of the respective transformations. Because, for some of us, totally involved in action, the operational content of each transition objectives, expected concrete results are often more important than a previous reflection on predictable processes or guidance on the strategies presented in this volume. "Alain Cardon

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