The Necessarry Dialogues - Leadership through unlearn, with Cosmin Alexandru

13 August 2013

CODECS with Careers Magazine invites you Thursday, on September 19, 2013, at a unique dialogue about another way to lead. Cosmin Alexandru talks about leadership through unlearning and challenge us to a unique and practical exercise.

"On the way of individual, teams or organizations transformations, people are not so resistant to learning things or behaviors, how are to wean the old one. Unlearn is seen as a defeat, an acknowledgment that it is not good and this seems to greatly affect their self esteem.
However, unlearned, is the most effective tool of continuous development. And the hardest, but that why is the most valuable"

Cosmin Alexandru
We will talk about:
  • Learning models versus models of unlearning
  • Three examples of thinking models worth unlearning
  • Who wean whom?
  • How looks the subject in private and in the professional
  • How to help unlearn in leadership and each other.

The event is open to:
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • All those who want to lead or be led differently.
Registrations are made at e-mail:,  phone: 0721.265.669

For more details and registration, visit:

You are welcome!