Business Operations Course Content

Volume 1 - Operations, technology and value generation for interested factions

Volume 1 analyzes the operations role inside the company, from a general view. The nature of operations is explored, as a set of organizational processes that surpass functional boundaries. The importance of the correct projection of these processes is explained, to ensure the realization of the company’s strategic objectives, namely value creation for both the clients and other interested factions.
The volume includes the following themes:
• Procedural vision over the company’s operations;
• Operation and strategy of the company;
• Generating value for interested factions;
• Generated product value;
• Generated process value;
• Technological processes.

Volume 2 – Designing operational processes

This volume explores in depth the way operational processes are created. The volume is organized according to the main components taking into consideration when building the operations system, including planning and control activities that take place when the processes are finalized and start being used. The main topics covered in volume 2 are:
• Designing operational processes;
• Designing and managing the distribution network;
• Technology designing and implementation;
• The human factor;
• Planning and control.

Volume 3 – Improving operational processes

This volume targets the improvement of operational systems – why are different types of changes important and how can they be efficiently managed. The volume is split in several main sections, on the following themes:
• Improvement context;
• Evaluation of areas that require improvement;
• Adopted approaches for process improvement;
• Sustaining processes;
• Improvement techniques;
• Course conclusions.

Training material:

• Course guide;
• Three study volumes (described above);
• 4 resources (systemic thinking, financial evaluation, people management, argument building)
• Case studies
• DVD (illustrates some basic concepts studied in the course under the program "operations count");
• Article collection (four main themes: operations as strategy, approaches and techniques, role of technology, human aspects);
• The book "Operations Management" - by Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Robert Johnston.