Customer Relations

Program goal

This training program, lasting 2 days, allows the students to understand the importance of customer service (that can insure the competitive advantage of the organization) and the creation of a proactive attitude in customer service.


The program’s objectives are:
  • To recognize the benefits brought by establishing standards for services;
  • To manifest a positive attitude towards the client and learning ways of approaching customers according to their typology;
  • To question the customer in order to find out as much information as possible;
  • To learn how the transmitted message should support the communication with the client;
  • To underline the importance of transmitting a clear verbal message and the best ways to answer phone calls and talk on the phone;
  • To truly listen to the client, showing full consideration towards the client.

Covered competencies

After training completion the students will acquire the following competencies:
  • Knowledge regarding the types of relations one can have with the customer and ways to further develop them;
  • To identify and to apply various ways of improving client system retention;
  • Elements of customer relation optimization;
  • Client questioning and client persuasion techniques.

Program structure and duration

  • The duration of the program is 2 consecutive days per student group.
  • One day of training contains 6 hours of actual work, arranged in 4 1½ hour sessions.