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The CODECS Foundation for Leadership was created in February 2001 by transforming the CODECS Foundation for Distance Education founded by S.C. CODECS S.A. in August 1997, as sole founder. The Foundation began its activity immediately after creation.
According to the Status, the Foundation is an nonpolitical organization, without a working scope, nongovernmental, with the purpose of creating, developing and consolidating the organizational leadership culture in Romania, by contributing to the creation of new generations of leaders, capable of triggering the change management mechanisms, using professional, knowledge, influence and connection excellence.


The CODECS Foundation for Leadership bases its activities on the following principles:
  • The promotion and support of public interest. According to this principle, the Foundation orientates its leadership programs and projects in order to contribute to the consolidation of the public interest – social, economical, security.
  • The promotion of professional and academical excellence. According to this principle, the Foundation bases its activities through the high academical and professional excellence quality level of its programs and projects.
  • Independence of the programs’ and projects’ activities. According to this principle, the Foundation acts as an independent organism and answers exclusively to the Founder for its program and project politics.
  • Internal and international cooperation. According to this principle, the Foundation recognizes the importance of communication and free exchange of ideas, actively and openly promoting the cooperation bonds at national and international levels – for its specific programs and projects.

Main activities. Programs

The most known educational project offered by the Foundation is "Leaders of the Third Millennium"®, run at national level in schools and high-schools, in partnership with the British Council as founding partner. Starting with 2006, the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports becomes an LMT partner. The purpose of the program is to develop leadership competencies in students and teachers. The program modules are focused on one ability that the students develop, amongst which we can find communication, team work, emotional intelligence, negotiation, conflict solving, management, leadership, personal development etc. The promoted values are trust, honesty, competence, performance and civic activity courage. The CODECS Foundation for Leadership has at the moment over 9 000 graduates of the educational program "Leaders of the Third Millennium"®.
The program proved to be a key resource of non-formal education for representatives of the formal education system. Alongside the benefits that students get from the courses, the program provides development opportunities to both students and teachers. After attending to the module Train the Trainers, those that were involved in the program (either students or teachers) can become trainers and can present modules to other students. This fact represents an important source of personal development, by acquiring competencies in the non-formal field, competencies transferable in the formal educational activity. More so, it represents a very important (first) step in career development in the ONG, volunteering, training and non-formal fields. Furthermore, the CODECS Foundation for Leadership is active in writing and implementing projects supported by European financing; at the moment it is either a solicitant or a partner in projects that worth more than 11 million euros. The main subjects on which projects have been developed are education, entrepreneurial activities, leadership and human resource development. By combining these two types of activities, the Foundation has competencies in training and forming activities and in managing and financing projects.
The CODECS Foundation for Leadership acts as an important actor in the field of non-formal education and is involved in more that 20 important educational and entrepreneurial projects, both on its own and in partnership with various important Romanian and international institutions. The beneficiaries of the projects’ implementation results were Romanian State Institutions (the Romanian Government, the Department for Interethnic Relations, MECI, ISMB, local administrations), private companies (Tenaris Silcotub, Coca-Cola HBC Romania, Astra Asigurari), ONGs (the "Dinu Patriciu" Foundation, "Mai Mult Verde" Association, the Rotary Suceava Association). From 2004 until now, the Foundation was invited, as an expert, at debates concerning the elaboration of national education strategies, proposing transformation project of the School as a system. The most known project is the introduction of international Baccalaureate subjects in Romanian public schools.

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