Program goal

This training program, lasting 2 days, allows the students to really understand what the negotiation process is and to establish objectives and strategies that will allow them access to negotiation.


The program’s objectives are:
  • To truly understand the negotiation process;
  • To identify the most efficient negotiation methods and strategies;
  • To be aware of the role and impact of attitude in negotiation;
  • To establish the negotiation objectives and, according to them, the negotiation approach;
  • To understand the distinction between the person and the problem;
  • To identify the interests behind the positions and how to manage them;
  • To master negotiation directing techniques towards a win-win result type;
  • To transform the negotiations into relationship-building opportunities;
  • To identify the characteristics of various client types and various negotiation approach strategies.

Covered competencies

After training completion the students will acquire the following competencies:
  • The knowledge in managing the negotiation flux towards building partnership relations with the clients and understanding the importance of this type on relationship;
  • The capability in efficiently establishing objectives in negotiation and to follow them through the appropriate negotiation process management;
  • The development or acquirement of communication, perception and emotion maneuvering abilities during negotiation;
  • The knowledge of resistance defusing strategies, the capability of developing a practical approach of the negotiation;
  • The development of active listening and empathy abilities applicable to negotiation.

Program structure and duration

• The duration of the program is 2 consecutive days per student group.
• One day of training contains 6 hours of actual work, arranged in 4 1½ hour sessions.