Enroll in CODECS training programs held in May: Performance Management, Proactive sales, Emotional Intelligence and Microsoft Project

08 Mai 2013

CODECS organizes the training program in May: Performance Management (18-19 May), Proactive sales (18-19 May), Emotional Intelligence (18-19 May) and Microsoft Project (25-26 May).

These are part of a series of programs organized by CODECS Training Solutions with 360Solutions an exclusive partnership with one of the most powerful training services providers worldwide. CODECS Training Solutions comes to support the professionals with a series of programs dedicated to both professional development and personal, offering students an innovative approach, efficient, practical, adapted to constantly changing economic environment.

The duration of these programs is 2 consecutive days at CODECS headquarter from Agricultori Street, 37-39 No, Sector 2, Bucharest. One day of training contains 6 hours of actual work, arranged in 4 1½ hour sessions. For 2013 open course calendar access: http:/www.codecs.ro/images/CalendarTrainingOpen2013.xls.

For registration and questions about CODECS Training Solutions programs you can acces: https://www.codecs.ro/codecs-training-solutions/. Also a consultant is available by phone and email, training@codecs.ro. We are waiting on www.facebook.com/CODECSNetwork or our LinkedIn group, CODECS Network.