08 Noiembrie 2011

I am pleased to invite you to a debate on Business Analysis, Operations‚ and Project Management, organized by CODECS and the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Romania Chapter. The debate will take place in a CODECS Open Mind event organized at CODECS HQ, at No. 37-39 Agricultori street, on Tuesday, November 8, from 6:00 p.m.

Bogdan Bondor-Negraru
(CODECS), Victoria Cupet (IIBA Romania Chapter) and Codrin-Dan Nicolau (CODECS & IIBA Romania Chapter) will present you the implementation stages of business solutions, from necessity to idea, to realization and to value generation. Together with the participants, they will try to show you how to create value by a systems approach, accessible to all managers and entrepreneurs.

“To be able to survive, and to develop in the current, less predictable, business conditions, managers need this new approach, helping them respond effectively with change to change. The change as a reaction from the inside to what comes from the outside is becoming a new way of being, which continually generates new projects designed to lead to a realignment to external requirements and to customer needs. Inside organizations, existing processes generate new projects, which in turn generate new processes” said Bogdan Bondor-Negraru, Director of the Project Management & Business Operations Program, CODECS.

The main theme of the seminar is based on the assumption that firms deal with more educated customers, interested in new products and services which meet more diverse and personalized needs. In such a context, firms need to find new formulas for the identification of these personalized needs.

Hoping in a positive response, please confirm your presence by email at Or by phone at 021-252.51.82/83/84. For more information on this event, visit and Join our LinkedIn group, CODECS Network.

Thank you!