15 Septembrie 2010

On Wednesday, September 15, CODECS organizes the workshop „Project management in the non-governmental sector”. The event is mostly (but not exclusively) addressed to project coordinators in the NGO sector.

„As well as companies and public institution, NGOs are among the most important and active initiators of projects in the Romanian society. We talk about hundreds of projects running every day, projects which leave a more or less visible, or durable, footprint on the society we live in. It is only natural, when talking about project management, to look to this area, which is so dynamic and competitive”, believes Gheorghe Stefanescu, Director of CODECS Project Management Program.

The workshop will give the participants the opportunity to discuss both the problems faced by the NGOs in running their own projects, and the solutions suggested by CODECS for overcoming these problems.

The event will take place at CODECS HQ, no. 37-39 Agricultori str., Sector 2, Bucharest, from 6:30 p.m.

Registrations by email at / or by phone at: 021 252 51 82/3/4. Participation is free of charge.

Come and join us!

The CODECS team