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Global Business Environment

FITTskills: Global Business Environment provides a comprehensive overview of key aspects of global business in the 21st century. Whether the participant is looking for general information, is seriously considering getting involved or is already participating in global trade, this course provides important information on the key elements of the global business environment.

The course emphasizes forward thinking and a positive perspective and highlights the considerable effort that any business, in any region of the world, must commit to in order to succeed, since we believe that this effort—properly executed—represents a fundamental “best practice” approach that goes beyond borders. In creating contemporary material that not only describes the current state of the environment, but also helps identify ongoing transformation of global business, it is of paramount importance that any “advice” be relative to the knowledge that any business in the world should assimilate in order to be a successful global trader.

The course is grouped into three key areas:

  • The Global Business Environment and your country’s place in the world provides the course participant with a big-picture overview.
  • New 21st Century Competencies introduces the learner to key characteristics of new global traders and new core competencies that are relatively unique to the future of global trade, such as culture, ethics, technology, supply chains and trade in services.
  • Planning Your Global Business Strategy is designed to provide a high-level overview of the fundamental elements of global business and encourages the participant to think strategically at an introductory level, while setting the stage for more advanced courses in the FITTskills offering, such as market research, marketing, supply chain management, finance, law and trade management.