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Diploma in International Trade

What is the Diploma in International Trade?
The Diploma in International Trade is a proven curriculum of valuable, practical courses on how to conduct trade in the global marketplace. Compiled and developed by international trade practitioners who are experts in their field, the four courses in the program can be taken individually or as a comprehensive program. Each course addresses essential topics within the context of global trade and is followed by an assessment.

What are the four courses that make up the Diploma in International Trade program?

What competencies does the Diploma in International Trade provide?

The Diploma in International Trade courses are designed to provide participants with specific competencies in international trade. The Diploma in International Trade program standards and learning objectives are clearly defined and consistently applied in the global marketplace. Upon successful completion of each course, participants will have mastered the essential learning objectives. Upon successful completion of all four courses and the Certificate in International Trade, participants will have gained The Diploma in International Trade.

Who is the Diploma in International Trade designed for?
  • Individuals who are new to importing or exporting and serious about exploring global market opportunities.
  • Companies that are planning on expanding operations to global markets and want to start off on the right foot.
  • Business professionals or managers who want to improve their expertise in international trade.
  • Export and import service providers who want to gain insight into the environment in which their clients or customers operate.

What will individuals know when they complete the Diploma in International Trade?
How to:
  • Develop and optimize an export strategy.
  • Make export costing, pricing, product, promotion and distribution policies.
  • Develop and implement an effective export-marketing plan.
  • Decide on the right course of action for financing export deals.
  • Analyze a balance sheet and income statement of potential buyers/suppliers.
  • Develop an effective income and expenditure budget for the export department.
  • Make policies regarding the management of personnel, both at home and abroad.