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International Market Entry Strategies

When starting an international trade venture, companies select a target market and develop a marketing strategy that they think will encourage their target customers to buy. However, for the best chance of success, a company must first use the most effective way of getting its product or service into its target markets. Each country has different market, business, economic and regulatory conditions, and these variables mean that a method for entering one market might not be suitable for another.

This manual describes the possible market entry strategies that a company can use to start or expand an international trade
venture. These include the following:
  • Exporting directly or indirectly
  • Selling franchises or licenses
  • Forming a strategic alliance (which can take the form of a partnership, a joint venture or a merger)
  • Acquiring a company
  • Investing directly or indirectly in a foreign market

This manual explains the importance of choosing from these market entry strategies based on a company’s strategic goals, needs and abilities, and describes the research and planning process that company decision makers should run through. This course will discuss each market entry strategy in detail, and carefully explain their various benefits and disadvantages. You will be advised on how to analyse a company’s strategic goals and abilities against the various market entry options, ensuring the best chance of success for that company.

International trade partnerships are increasingly important area of market entry, and this manual also focuses on the methods companies can use to find and vet partners who can help them meet their international trade goals. The course will describe various forms of partnerships, and advise you on how to negotiate a win-win partnership agreement. Because there is always the risk of a partnership failing, instructions on when and how to legally exit a partnership are also provided.

This manual has been designed for international trade professionals. Topics are reinforced by real world examples, summary tables and exercises. After completing this course, trade professionals will be able to plan an effective market entry strategy, identify potential barriers to market entry and map out strategies to avoid problems, minimize risk and meet company objectives.